Join us for a FREE informational webinar. We’ll create awareness on what you need to do to manage your hypothyroidism in a manner that facilitates whole body health and reduces your potential risks.
On this FREE webinar, Dr. Crockett, D.C. will teach you how the body thrives when thyroid health is a priority.

If you have extreme fatigue, insomnia, memory loss, unusual pain, or weight gain that does not respond to dieting and exercise, you may have biotoxin illness. Attend our free live webinar to learn about thyroid disorders, bio-toxin illness, and auto-immune disease.

 You may be thinking that your care provider is glossing over something –
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Dr. Crockett, D.C.

Dr. Crockett, D.C. is especially passionate about helping women overcome persistent low thyroid symptoms.

Thurs., November 30th

6:00PM CST
Space is limited.

Limited Spots

available for this FREE informational webinar .
If you suffer from the persistent symptoms of Low Thyroid or have been diagnosed with Hashimoto's you are not alone.
Our team focuses on getting to the real cause of your problem so you can be treated like an individual.

In the LIVE webinar you'll learn about:​
  • The #1 cause of low thyroid that many doctors never check
  • New research, science, and effective treatments
  • ​The Thyroid-Biotoxin Connection that’s likely keeping you sick
  • Why TSH is essentially a useless lab marker
  • What Synthroid (thyroid hormones) actually does to your body
  • ​Why your TSH is “normal” yet you still have every thyroid symptom in the book

If you have:

  • Weight issues
  • ​Inability to Lose Weight and Keep It Off
  • ​​Life-altering fatigue
  • ​​​Brain Fog
  • Depression
  • ​​Anxiety
  • ​Unexplained Pain
  • ​A Menstrual Cycle From Hell
  • ​​​Menopausal Symptoms
  • ​​Infertility
  • ​​​Constipation
  • ​​​A Medicine Cabinet Full Of Drugs and Supplements That Don’t Help

Then you won’t want to miss this Live Webinar:

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